The Exponential Buyer's Roadmap

Buying a property is one of the most exciting and frightening things you can do in your life. The average Vancouver property price is somewhere around a million dollars and median house hold income is around 70K. This means it takes a Vancouverite family 14 years of pretax median income to afford an average property. We know, we were buyers too. We came up with a system that we consistently use for ourselves when we purchase real estate. It is laid out in three steps aimed to ensuring that the purchase is comprehensive, educational, and regret free. 

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Area Scouting

Ever read books from great real estate investors? They all do one thing, they know just about every area in a city inside out. The adage in real estate goes something like this: "location, location, location". In area scouting our goal is to introduce you to as many areas of this beautiful city that might fit your needs. In the earliest phase of our search we aim to expand our list as wide as possible. This is so that you will feel confident that you have seen every corner of this town before narrowing down to make your decision. And don't worry, we will do the driving. 


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The Ground Game (and a little bit of aerial as well)

So now that you know what Coal Harbour feels like, seen the beautiful lights of Lafarge Lake, experienced the tranquility of Heritage Woods, we have to narrow down to a choice. Unfortunately, most people can only afford one place at one time. This is where we show you the specific properties in these areas that may fit into your criteria. We do this through the traditional ground game of lots of showings along with a bit of data analysis. Nothing tells you what the market is doing better than sold data. We will sit down with you and show you what you can afford in these areas and see if it will fit into your budget. 

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Sniper Mode

After you have experienced the thrills of area scouting and the ground game, we would have been working together for a good period of time. It's time to come up with our filters. We will gather all of the information and come up with a set of search filters that we both agree on. At this time, we are in sniper mode. Sniper mode is a specific and targeted exercise to pin point the perfect property for you. This doesn't mean you have one filter with a scope on a single spot of the map. It may mean that you are targeting several areas across several regions. We use our capabilities in data research and negotiation experience to take out a great deal for you. Having done all of the work previously, you would be far more committed to this purchase which makes our success as a team far easier. 

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