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Steven (Kun) Liu



Steven is a fanatic of Vancouver Real Estate. He has an engineering background including a masters of engineering from the University of British Columbia in Computer Engineering as well as spending years working in some of the best technology companies in the world. Because of this background, Steven likes to use data to quickly triangulate the perfect property for our client's needs. He is deeply ingrained in the exponential realty system, a master area scout and a sharp real estate sniper who is highly knowledgeable about every detail of the real estate …

Sheron Hsiang team page photo

Sheron Hsiang



Sheron is a veteran of the real estate business who possesses a keen eye for style. She is a great marketer who understands the soft touches of real estate. A master negotiator and marketer, Sheron has expertise in staging of properties to make them look incredible. She is a stickler for details and will ensure that the clients receive exactly what they want. She is also incredibly loyal to her clients and has a history of placing her clients interests far above her own.