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August 2023 Real Estate stats/comments



My comments:

We have established a structured series of steps to better equip buyers for their real estate journey, with area scouting being a pivotal phase aimed at evaluating the options available within a specific budget. To provide a more vivid illustration, let’s delve into a case study:

We kick off the process with a friendly and thorough chat to get to know your preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

Personalized Advice Based on Data: Using the insights from our conversation, we craft custom recommendations about different areas, property options, and the ideal timing for your real estate endeavors.

Case Study:

  1. Ariana and her spouse, Max, are in search of a detached residence comprising a minimum of four bedrooms, primarily for the well-being of their three-year-old child, Madison. Proximity to schools is considered an advantageous factor.
  2. Max, being a general contractor, necessitates a central location to facilitate efficient commuting to various project sites.
  3. Their budget is set at $1.7 million.


  1. East Vancouver Detached Houses with Renovation Potential: This option aligns with Ariana’s preferences as it offers cost savings on renovations. However, properties in this area within her budget typically feature houses over 60 years old in need of substantial refurbishments. A notable example in the Earles neighborhood can be explored here, which includes the option of a laneway house and rental suite to facilitate mortgage payments. This location would also optimize Max’s commuting convenience.
  2. Burnaby – Enhanced Property Condition and Location: Burnaby represents an attractive alternative to East Vancouver, characterized by superior property conditions and a more favorable neighborhood. A pertinent example in the Blaine area can be considered here. Additionally, 1/2 duplex options are available here, offering further diversity in housing choices.
  3. Coquitlam – Move-In Ready Properties with Minimal Renovation Needs: Coquitlam presents an option where Ariana and Max can find move-in ready homes with minimal renovation requirements. However, it should be noted that this location is farther from Greater Vancouver, potentially posing inconvenience for Max’s commuting needs. A relevant listing in the Sumpter neighborhood is available for exploration  here.

Ultimately, the choice of properties within the same budget across different areas depends on individual preferences and comfort levels. There is no definitive answer, as each individual may prioritize different factors. The decision should align with one’s unique balance of convenience and comfort. What would you prioritize?

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