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The idea of transparency

Having indulged myself with daily morning digest of Market Call on BNN Bloomberg, I have always wondered one interesting fact. An expert guest on the show, when recommending an investment, must disclose whether he/she has any positions in such investment. The logic seems rather obvious, it is important to be transparent with the millions in front of the television as to your personal stake in the recommendation. The idea is not radical, you eat your own cooking and align your interests with those that you recommend. It would be interesting for someone to recommend a sale on an investment only to reveal that they still hold it. Why don’t we do this in real estate?

Shouldn’t agents disclose personal transactions to their clients? I mean,if I am recommending you to purchase a home and at the same time selling my own property doesn’t that seem a bit suspicious to you? Yes, a lot of real estate is affected by personal circumstance but like the adage says, actions speaks louder than words. At exponential real estate we believe in this.

Before we recommend any action from you, whether it is putting on offer on a property, putting the property for sale, etc, we will disclose all personal real estate holdings and transactions of the last five years. If our words are not consistent with our actions, you can hold us accountable. This is true transparency, we eat our own cooking, literally.

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